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NFV Essentials Week in Review: Vedicis, Affirmed Networks, DIGITALK

October 15, 2016

Welcome back to the week in review, where we take a look at all the top stories making headlines in NFV Essentials this week.

The week started off with insights from TMC’s Steve Anderson regarding Vedicis’ Smart Traffic Collector. Anderson writes, “Data traffic is one of those things that few really notice until something's gone wrong in the flow. When it does go wrong, having a means to get visibility on that traffic can be a huge help in spotting a problem before the user experience starts to be substantially impacted.” Well, Vedicis is here to help with the problem of data traffic with its new Smart Traffic Collector. You can find out everything you need to know HERE.

In other news, the new NFV 2 specifications have been released by ETSI. The NFV Release 2 specifications deliver the requirements, interfaces and information models for Network Functions Virtualization (NFV). This release was based on several developments and progress made in future utilization of NFV technology by the ETSI Industry Specification Group on NFV (ETSI ISG NFV). According to the Association, the roadmap for Release 2 will move the telecommunication sector closer to a more cost-effective network infrastructure with the agility and flexibility needed to meet the demand of consumer and organizational ICT services. Find out more HERE.

Meanwhile, DIGITALK, a provider of carrier, consumer and mobile solutions to retail and wholesale voice and data communications service providers worldwide, announced this week that it has selected and deployed Affirmed Networks to help enhance its mobile cloud infrastructure. DIGITALK will use Affirmed Networks' Mobile Content Cloud solution to deliver Data, Voice over LTE (VoLTE) and Voice over Wi-Fi (VoWiFi) services to their service provider customers around the world. You can read about the company’s decision to go this route HERE.

While a variety of topics have been highlighted here, that’s certainly not all that went on this week. Be sure to head to the NFV Essentials homepage for all the updates, and come back next week for the latest insights. Have a great weekend!

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