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Vedicis Smart Traffic Collector Means Greater Traffic Visibility

October 11, 2016

Data traffic is one of those things that few really notice until something's gone wrong in the flow. When it does go wrong, having a means to get visibility on that traffic can be a huge help in spotting a problem before the user experience starts to be substantially impacted. Vedicis may have a little something to help here, and it's already being seen deployed with some of the Hewlett-Packard Enterprise (HPE) lineup.

Currently, Vedicis is known as a major software editor in deep packet inspection (DPI) systems, as well as in Policy and Charging Enforcement Function (PCEF). It's also known for its software DPI data probe known as the Smart Traffic Collector, and thanks to a new original equipment manufacturer (OEM) agreement between Vedicis and HPE, the Smart Traffic Collector is now a part of HPE Dragon.

With Smart Traffic Collector in place, HPE Dragon can better offer DPI tools and give telecom operators a better handle on network traffic, allowing changes to be made where necessary to help provide users with the best overall experience. With increasing demands for data seen across the spectrum, and more applications for this data—especially as analytics systems are on the rise and big data projects demand a greater data flow as well as the overall collection of data to operate—keeping traffic flow running at its peak will be vital to ongoing operations.

The Smart Traffic Collector system itself, meanwhile, takes a Linux architecture, and can be had on both physical servers—the HPE Proliant DL380G9 is particularly pointed out—as well as on virtual network function (VNF) options, making it an excellent fit for network functions virtualization (NFV) options.

We all know how important data flow is to an increasing number of industries. Big data is of course a major user of data, but it's far from the only one; with network functions virtualization on the rise, along with cloud-based systems and Internet of Things (IoT) functions, clear-flowing data streams will be vital to that operation. That's why having insight into traffic can be so important; knowing what's going on when can help a business understand where it may need to reprioritize some forms of traffic—a practice sometimes called traffic shaping—to get the best results. First, though, businesses have to know what the traffic picture looks like in order to reshape it fully, and that's where things like Vedicis' Smart Traffic Collector come into play.

Information is commonly valuable, as it often leads to insight and insight to action. That's the biggest value proposition behind Vedicis Smart Traffic Collector, and the source of the greatest value to businesses. Improving traffic is great, but improved traffic often means greater improvements elsewhere. 

Edited by Alicia Young

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