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Lifecycle Orchestration Meets the Internet of Things

January 25, 2016

The Fiftieth Super Bowl is coming along in just under a couple of weeks. Each year, the reports of surges in online activity emerge and they cover a wide range of purposes. People check their news, sports sites, updates on social networking, sending pictures, purchasing items, and the lot of internet interactions. This swarm of activity hits the shores of data centers across the land in a frenetic wave of consumer and social activity. Dealing with this kind of demand and capacity can be satisfied by procuring large amounts of available equipment. There is little room for failure. No business wants to be that online presence that failed at the most critical hour. There are more intelligent approaches to solving these demand issues, and one of those is the emergence of Software Defined Networking (SDN). The Internet of Things is the latest high-demand web utility as it is also experiencing a rapid growth in transmitted data that threatens to saturate networks. Service assurance and systems that can support these demands are a requirement on the web today.

Exanova Service Intelligence was recently announced as a market NFV solution from CENX. It is designed to implement what is known as a lifecycle service orchestration (LSO) approach in the field of network operations. Designed to operate in complex, multi-vendor, hybrid networks, the product utilizes real time analytics in a system that is focused on the data driven elements of virtual networks. A major use case for this service is the Internet of Things and the data service agility that it calls for. On this platform, network operations can utilize real time orchestrated service assurance that is aware of topology, utilizes KPI alarms and focused on optimizing the network functions virtualization infrastructure (NFV).

The value in the power of this platform will be realized by the improvement and automation of business process workflows, as well as reduced operating expenditures and service delivery intervals. Automated data center operations are growing trend within the industry. Programmable networking and on-demand features offer the dynamic scalability and reliability that is in demand thanks to the growth of the Internet of Things ecosystem, as well as other demanding use cases.

Edited by Kyle Piscioniere

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