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Axiros Container Management Platform Paves the Way to SDN and NFV

December 23, 2015

With only days left in 2015, Axiros has announced a significant new product, its new AXC container management platform. The company claims AXC extends its position in device and service management and paves the way for customers into software defined networking (SDN) and network function virtualization (NFV) services.

Despite being a new product, AXC already has a track record of success. The solution was successfully deployed by a major European tier 1 service provider, enabling end-to-end service fulfillment and assurance for VoIP on large enterprises. In addition, the DevOps tools available as part of AXC enabled streamlined deployment of Axiros’ OSS functions over a wide range of environments and systems on business-critical infrastructure.

AXC is not to be confused with Axiros’ existing AXESS.ACS solution, which was chosen in late October by Swisscom to help with its ACS upgrade.

"Regarding density, portability and elasticity, containers are far superior to traditional hypervisor-based virtualization and centralization technologies—a real game changer regarding cost effective NFV but also for decoupling and isolation of OSS functions into updatable and testable units," said Gunther Klessinger, founder and MD Innovation of Axiros. "With AXC, we are effectively providing our customers with provisioning, monitoring and general management of state and software for containers, as we do for millions of their real CPEs in the field."

Due to its extensive feature set, AXC is now Axiros’ reference platform to integrate with NFV solutions, deploying and controlling the virtual CPE functions and providing service providers expected benefits, namely agility, scalability and reliability.

Primary AXC features include:

  • Containers design and management (supporting Docker and Systemd)
  • API design and management (SOAP and JSON/REST)
  • API flow inspection through multiple containers
  • Performance management integration with ELK stack
  • DevOps with integration with leading repository management tools
  • Behavioral testing tools
  • Aagentless deploymen

In addition, according to Axiros CSO Alfeo Pareschi, customers “have access to all of these features with the added benefit of a single view integration from services to customer devices.”

With visibility as well as virtualization and control poised to be critical to accelerating SDN and NFV adoption in 2016, the AXC is well-positioned to address market needs. 

Edited by Peter Bernstein

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