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RADCOM to Advance Network Functions Virtualization Adoption

November 30, 2016

The complexity of today's networks is getting more difficult to manage as more people and organizations are accessing digital services. The combination of smart mobile devices, wireless broadband and hosted cloud services has created the perfect storm of bandwidth capacity management for network operators. The Open Source MANO (OSM) community has been working together with service providers, vendors and operators to advance the adoption of Network Functions Virtualization (NFV) for a smarter approach. And RADCOM is the latest company to become part of OSM and its drive to have more efficient networks for everyone.

RADCOM provides NFV-ready service assurance and customer experience management solutions for Communications Service Providers (CSPs) with tools to monitor network performance and quality of services. This gives CSPs the ability to deliver next-generation services by allowing them to migrate to NFV through physical, NFV-based and hybrid networks assurance.

As part of the OSM, RADCOM will be part of a community with the goal of delivering an open source Management and Orchestration (MANO) stack aligned with ETSI Information Models. This community is dedicated to advance the adoption of Network Functions Virtualization globally along with some of the leading players in the industry, including Telefónica, Bell Mobility, British Telecom, PT Portugal SGPS SA, SK Telecom, Sprint and Telenor.

"Providing an open source MANO will accelerate this transformation as it creates an open, standards-based orchestration environment that covers both Resource and Service Orchestration to allow automated deployment and interconnection of all components, both for NFV network scenarios and the management of Network Service lifecycles; delivering network automation, service agility and significant OPEX and CAPEX savings," said Mr. Tomer Ilan, RADCOM's Senior Director of Product Management.

As part of the community, RADCOM will be participating to improve service assurance orchestration by bringing its expertise and solutions as a leading Network Functions Virtualization service assurance vendor into OSM to open a new level of automation and agility.

For service providers, this means having on-demand probing when a new service has been launched or a network element added so that a virtual probe will be automatically deployed. This will deliver improved visibility into the network so CSP's can provide better service level agreements to their customers.

RADCOM can also offer automated horizontal and vertical scaling when there is network fluctuations by adding or removing resources as needed to address demand without human intervention.

The integration of RADCOM's service assurance stack under OSM gives CSPs the ability to gain more control of end user experience by being able to monitor customer experience and service performance while delivering a more agile network and maintaining efficient use of resources no matter the traffic load.

Edited by Maurice Nagle

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