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Accedian Appoints Martin Labelle VP of Research and Development

October 26, 2016

Network performance greatly dictates how today's digital businesses perform. Whether it is service providers or enterprises, the end user experience depends on how the performance of the network has been optimized to deliver the best possible service. In addition to performance, flexibility and lower operating costs are also just as important to address scalability and marketplace competition. For Accedian, an innovative end-to-end network performance assurance provider, ensuring it continues delivering innovation in the segment requires hiring the right talent, which is what the company has done with Martin Labelle by appointing him Vice-President of Research and Development.

In his new role, Labelle will be leading the development of technology and new products for Accedian's R&D teams in Montreal, Sweden, and Vietnam.

Labelle has more than 19 years of experience in leadership positions in R&D for startups and established technology companies providing telecommunication software solutions to service providers and technology partners. Some of the fields include, network and service management, wireless and wireline subscriber management, policy and charging systems, and OSS & BSS.

Accedian CEO Patrick Ostiguy, said, "As our company continues to expand internationally and win more network operators and enterprise customers, Martin will play a key role in driving the development of new products and solutions, and positioning Accedian as an innovator and an intellectual property leader. Martin's R&D expertise and proven track record in developing and bringing to market ground-breaking and forward-thinking software defined networking solutions makes him an excellent addition to the Accedian leadership team."

Labelle's previous position include: Vice President, Blue Planet Software Engineering; Sr Director, Software Engineering at Ciena; Director, Product Development (Bridgewater Systems) at Amdocs: R&D Leader, Product Development at Nakina Systems and in different capacities at Ceyba, Visual Networks and Newbridge Networks.

As to the future of Accedian and its position in the industry, Labelle said, "Globally, growing numbers of network operators are adopting virtualization and moving to software-defined network architectures, while also preparing for 5G deployments. Accedian is a pioneer in virtualized solutions for next generation network performance assurance. I'm looking forward to helping Accedian capitalize on the considerable opportunities that NFV, cloudification, and 5G present globally, and contributing to the company's growth and ongoing success."

Accedian is looking to expand globally as network performance assurance service continues to grow with the adoption of SDN, NFV, cloud services and the upcoming 5G deployment.

The right network assurance solution can improve visibility, which can lead to dramatic improvements in end-to-end network performance by giving operators more control to deliver the best end user experience possible. As performance becomes a differentiator in this highly competitive industry, the service Accedian provides will be even more valuable. 

Edited by Maurice Nagle

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