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KEMP Launches Next-Generation Application Delivery Framework

September 16, 2016

Application delivery controller (ADC) services are critical to deliver the solutions organizations need for their workforce. With the migration to the cloud to improve the level of accessibility, flexibility and scalability, the right ADC service becomes that much more important. The new KEMP 360 Cloud from KEMP Technologies was developed with the next generation application delivery framework to ensure the migration of applications to public and private cloud environments goes off without a hitch across unlimited cloud services.

This type of scalability is important for organizations that have presence across multiple geographical locations that are being accessed by thousands or tens of thousands of employees.

KEMP designed the new service with a subscription-based model providing a flexible Metered Enterprise Licensing Agreement (MELA), making 360 Cloud the first application delivery model tailor-made for cloud, according to the company.

Jason Dover, Director of Product Line Management at KEMP, said, “Application delivery in the cloud requires a dramatically different solution that is optimized for performance, scale, effective management and cost.”

With the MELA licensing, enterprises will be able to access on demand cloud elasticity for the delivery of their applications. This has eliminated the static approach of legacy licensing systems which were designed to predict maximum future usage of service and infrastructure. Having an easy to use and deploy metered, usage-based pricing for application delivery services allows enterprises to have the resources they need at all times.

The platform makes it possible for customers to dynamically pay for what they use by deploying unlimited ADC instances without any per-instance capacity limits. This ensures they never overpay, making it easier to predict the operational expenditures so they can use ADC resources just like any other cloud application.

In addressing the limitation of legacy systems Peter Melerud, CMO at KEMP, said, “Traditional legacy vendors have failed to provide their customers with licensing and consumption models that are designed for the cloud. KEMP recognized this need and that's why we are bringing KEMP 360 Cloud to market right now.”

KEMP 360 Cloud has a comprehensive ADC approach with several integrated applications, professional and managed services, and ongoing proactive application operations for cloud migration. This includes the Virtual LoadMaster (VLM), the company's flagship ADC optimized for hybrid and public cloud workload use cases; KEMP 360 Central; and KEMP 360 Vision, a managed cloud service that combines application context and infrastructure data.

Large scale migration of application delivery services to the cloud is highly complex and requires expertise to ensure the safety of the data, meet regulatory compliances and the support to make resources available as needed. The KEMP 360 Cloud was created by a company that currently has more than 40,000 worldwide deployments and an industry leader in advanced Layer 2 – 7 ADC and application-centric load balancing.

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