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Reliance Jio, LeEco Come Together to Produce Jio Welcome Offer

September 14, 2016

Special deals are an eye-catching proposition in a lot of markets. It's no different in the mobile market, as a recent move between Reliance Jio and LeEco put a little extra life in the Jio Welcome Offer, a special deal that should do its share of drawing in new customers.

Thanks to the arrangement, Reliance Jio will bring more of its content and service offerings to more users. The Jio Welcome Offer gives users access to free unlimited voice and data services, which in turn opens up a lot of new options in terms of content consumption. LeEco, meanwhile, is a smartphone maker with a slew of devices on hand, and thanks to this new arrangement, the Jio Welcome Offer is available for many of those devices on at least some level.

For instance, for the Le 2 and Le Max 2, users get access to voice over LTE (VoLTE) calling, along with high-definition voice calling and instant connection of calls, as well as the unlimited voice and data offer. Those with the other LeEco devices, like the Le 1s, Le 1s Eco, and Le Max will be able to get in on the unlimited voice and data offer, though it looks like VoLTE isn't available for those devices. The Jio Welcome Offer is set to run through December 31, 2016, and is at last report available with a variety of plans that can be found at Reliance Jio's website.

LeEco India's chief operating officer of smart electronics, Atul Jain, commented, “With the vision and roadmap to provide integrated services leveraging the mobile as a platform, LeEco has successfully created the hardware, software and services ecosystem for enabling a seamless digital upgrade for our consumers. LeEco has been offering a great content bouquet to the Indian consumers and now with this association with Jio, we believe that our users will be able to fully unlock the potential of our Superphone and experience 4G like never before.”

A welcome offer such as this would not go amiss most anywhere, and there's little that's as good as an all-you-can-download data package to draw in potential users. It requires a powerful, robust network that's capable of handling that kind of traffic, though, and network functions virtualization (NFV) can be a big help in getting a network to that level of capability. Offloading some functions and helping users work around certain issues are all a potential help, and if Jio's taking advantage of NFV's capabilities, it might be just the thing to make the network run at a level that can handle all the streaming that users are likely to engage in.

It will be interesting to see how Jio's efforts here work, but with some advance planning and a little extra care, it could be exactly what's needed for the company to land a big slice of the market going forward.

Edited by Alicia Young

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